Jacque F

Are you seeing a trend here? Smiles..Happy.. it's who we are and it's who Jacque is!  Jacque came to us as a volunteer in 2017 with a super quiet demeanor.. and then we got to know her! :) She popped up at a run club event, then volunteered at another race and she quickly became a staple to our family! From taking pics at the Platte, to numerous times up and down the stairs at the MAC to coffee and conversation on Sunday mornings! (She's an IT wizard by the way!!)

Jacque..THANK YOU for being you and making us grin! We love ya!

~ Sarah and Jeanie and the rest of The MOB!  6/12/18



The smile that never leaves! I swear this is how we met this amazing woman and the look on her face has never changed.  

When you meet someone and it just clicks it's pretty amazing.. after one race, and a run club run we knew that Charla was part of our Mob!  The kindness she has in her heart, the drive she has, the ambition and the willpower that emanates from her is nothing short of awesome.  

She never fails at showing up on Sundays at the MAC for our morning incline run. Our local races find her grinning, either as a runner or a volunteer and her presence will lift ya up no matter what mood you are in! 

Thank you Charla for being a part of our Mob, our family!  We love you! ~ Sarah and Jeanie                            6/5/18


Candi Pants

Say hello to Candi.. aka "Candi Pants" we met Candi last year at one of our races.  She walks up to registration with a smile, we give her a bib and tell her to have a great race.

I guess you can say "the rest is history".   Talk about amazing volunteers, Candi is one of two ladies that never fails us at registration. When you walk up to our tent the morning of our race you will find Candi grinning and waving you over...(keep in mind she is also racing whatever race she is volunteering for!)  This woman is there for everyone around her.. Make sure to give her a high five when ya see her!  Thanks Candi Pants.. we love ya!  ~Sarah and Jeanie                                          5/29/18