We live in Colorado where the events are endless. What makes us stand out? The community and the experience. Although we race to PR, to do our best, we stay because of community and experience. No matter the size of the event we help with or put on ourselves, we want everyone to feel like they are not one in a crowd, but one in a community and family. We will strive to have every participant to walk away smiling with a feeling of accomplishment, knowing that they were a part of something amazing and positive!

Stridemob was created in the minds of 2 moms, while training, organizing community runs, workouts and social events through an amazing local triathlon club. While running our kids and ourselves back and forth to events and practices we realized that we actually thrive off the “organized chaos” we are engulfed in.. what was the next logical step? Make it a full time thing of course!!

And so it begins…


I am a mom of 2 teenagers, triathlete, rock climber and artist! My passion is quite simply.. people. So much of our day is filled with craziness that we all need an outlet, I am honored to be a part of something that offers us all a place to laugh, relax, run, bike, be social and happy!



I am a wife, mom of 5 kids, and founding member and communication director of Rock Tri Club. My passion is creating community. My background is restaurant and catering management, including management and directing of events from 5-10,000 people. I've been a mountain bike racer since 1994, but driven to triathlons for a change of pace. I'm driven by my passion to put on great events where community is built.